Wish List

List of items I would like to see in the solution and am already working on or prioritizing:

- drag and drop UccApi files directly into the Monitor to process external (or Internal) log files.

- administrative console that allows admin to select up to 5 panes and monitor 5 different users.  This app will pull data from Azure instead of directly from the UccApi log file.
- improving the bulk install and upgrade process.

- building rich set of BI dashboards (in progress!)
- starting on architecture for Azure Website to manage detailed analysis of events.  Will utilize DocumentDB, Blob, Azure Tables.


date: March 1, 2016
current version: 1.04.02

- fixes the issue with the security warning every time you reboot your machine.  the warning no longer exists.

date: February 07, 2016
version: 1.03.03

- Code Signed SfBMonCfg.exe file (oop, I forgot to in v1.03.02)
- Added Updates Available URL into config.txt

date: January 30, 2016
version: 1.03.02

- color coded (RED, YELLOW, GREEN) values on Monitor based on range values in masterschema.csv (can be customized by editing the file).
- automated way to distribute personalized Config.txt and EnabledFields.txt files along with the installer
- fields now defined in masterschema.csv.  These are every field possible.  Monitor now uses this file to build the fields.
- added fields templates to be able to view different groups of fields.  This also includes the ability to step through the field templates on the Monitor app.
- all XML data is now converted to JSON locally.  The entire application now works with JSON

- working hard at Power BI Desktop for historical visualization.  Queries up against DocumentDB for the live data and Azure Tables for reference data.
- also working hard at Power BI Web for the streaming visualization.  Data is fed strictly from Stream Analytics.

date: January 4, 2016
version: 1.01.05

- Monitor now has ability to step through events so you can view previous events during the same call (or previous calls)
- moved all events to MasterFile.txt instead of pulling directly from UccApi logfile.  this was done to solve the UccApi logfile refreshing causing the Monitor window to show No Events.  Instead, MasterFile keeps all previous events and never needs to refresh.  MasterFile keeps to last 50 previous events.  (Let me know if you need more)
- added Updates Available line to Notification Area App.  This will let you know if any new updates are available on the site.
- miscellaneous layout enhancements here and there.

- client now pushes data into cloud in JSON format
- implemented DocumentDB as additional source for storage (future use)
- Stream Analytics now pushes select fields from Event Hub into Power BI dataset (friggin' awesome!)
- moving data to SQL Server DB proved to be a nightmare. project shelved.

date: November 14, 2015
version: 1.0.4204

- redesigned logo due to trademark issues

no change

date: November 4, 2015
version: 1.0.4203

- redesigned Config app to support future growth
- added Check for Updates section to Notification Area app
- added Fields link to Monitor app
- added On Top button to Monitor app
- added EMail Notification section to Config app for sending app error notifications to an administrator
- changed top bar on all apps to allow for Minimize function

no change

date: October 18, 2015
version: 1.0.4202

- added resizeable window for Monitor app
- relocated and shortened Copy to Clipboard link on Monitor app
- condensed spacing between rows in Monitor app to allow for more data on screen
- added 64x64px icon for Start Menu Icon
- added SfB Monitor shortcut to User Startup folder
- removed graphic for Exit on Notification Area app
- added correct URL for Help on Notification Area app

no change

date: October 10, 2015
version: 1.0.4101

launched initial client application

Event Hub created to collect all data, Stream Analytics leveraged to process data to Blob Storage