The Project

SfB Monitor is a powerful new open-source troubleshooting tool that captures real-time call quality data produced at the client machines, leverages Azure Service Bus for rapid data insertion from 1,000’s of clients simultaneously, and presents the data in PowerBI dashboards to provide real-time data analytics and arming you with the vision to know exactly what is happening while calls are still in flight.

SfB Monitor is Open Source

Free Source Code

This project was created for the Lync / Skype for Business community to gain critical visibility into the user experience.  This tool was written in C# with Visual Studio 2015.  If you would like access to the code, just say the word.  Better yet, if you can help me create a SourceForge type environment where we can all add our contributions in an organized way, even better.  Let's get it done and make this project a success.


You can download the latest version by clicking the version icon below.  Also please refer to the Changelog to explore the evolving list of features and fixes.